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The Benefits of Renting Restroom Trailers for Food Festivals

Foodies from all over the country and world travel near and far for a festival dedicated to delicious eats and good company. And though it seems like finding the most iconic food vendors is sufficient, you can’t forget the benefits of renting restroom trailers for food festivals. Clean bathrooms and delicious food go hand in hand, and we explore this below.

Provide Clean Accommodations for Everyone

A food festival attracts a wide range of guests, all with the goal of enjoying delicious food, friendly company, and good times. This wide range of guests may include individuals who need special provisions, such as ADA-compliant spaces.

A standard porta potty typically can’t meet these demands and may limit everyone’s ability to use the restroom. Restroom trailers allow event hosts and planners to provide everyone with a clean, safe place to relieve themselves, from disabled guests to children and everyone in between.

Proper Public Sanitation Measures

Eating at a food festival will require guests to touch food and drink with their hands. Offering a safe place for handwashing is a critical part of hosting an exceptional festival.

When you rent restroom trailers, you can rest assured knowing each guest has access to running hot or cold water for handwashing demands throughout their visit. Full-size portable restroom units feature a functional vanity space similar to an at-home bathroom, allowing guests to make themselves comfortable.

Ensure Next Year’s Revenues

Food festivals are a great annual experience that guests look forward to. But if the experience was poor or the restrooms were gross, this may hinder someone’s decision to return in the future. Renting clean and accommodating portable restrooms ensures you’re offering a well-rounded experience and can retain the same or more revenue next year.

While you must put your time and attention into this year’s festival experience, it never hurts to look ahead at growth potential. This is one of the biggest benefits of renting restroom trailers for food festivals.

At The Lavatory AZ, we specialize in offering state-of-the-art restroom units for all events and festivals. We feature modern, fully functioning amenities and work with various locations. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our units can work for you.


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