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Commercial Services

Flexible Rates and Terms for Long-term Leasing and short-term Rentals

Temporary Solutions

We know having to rent a temporary bathroom, shower, or laundry trailer (even unexpectedly) isn't usually your top priority. However, for us it! Our team has years of experience providing everything from the more straightforward to the most creative solutions.


Our temporary restroom trailer rentals can meet your needs, whether you need to add temporary restroom and shower trailers to your construction project, remodel, school, or any other facility. Temporary mobile bathroom rentals are ideal for meeting the facility and sanitation requirements while not resorting to the miserable porta-potty experience.


Our business provides restroom trailers for temporary usage in Arizona daily. We understand the needs of your setting at The Lavatory. Our experts keep and test our units to verify that all trailer components are in working order. On-board fresh water and waste water tanks can be used by trailers or connected directly to sewage lines.


We'll work with you to discover the best solution for your needs. We use long-lasting composite in the wall and roof panels. Combine gel-coated fiberglass on the inside and outside walls for a smooth, durable surface. Your staff may clean them quickly, or we can come out to clean them.


We offer temporary washroom trailers that require little upkeep, but when the time comes, you'll notice that the unit surfaces are simple to clean and quick to replenish.


Are you ready to rent a portable toilet trailer for your job or location? We can collaborate to find the ideal trailers for your environment and anticipated use, with a comprehensive variety of sizes and layouts. We understand that you may be working within previously established budget constraints. That's why we're here to assist you in determining what works best.

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We understand this is a process. Let our expert professionals help you find the best solution to meet your unique needs.

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