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Restroom Trailers in Scottsdale

The Valley's premier luxury restroom trailer rental provider.


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Our Pitch to You

The Lavatory is Scottsdale's premier provider of high-quality portable restroom trailers, expertly designed to meet the varied demands of bustling construction sites and upscale events throughout the area. Our comprehensive selection of portable restroom units ensures that every client in Scottsdale, whether organizing a significant construction project or a lavish event, experiences unmatched comfort, convenience, and luxury. We proudly serve our local community by offering durable solutions for industrial sites and sophisticated options for memorable occasions in Scottsdale. With The Lavatory's top-tier portable restroom trailers, residents and businesses in Scottsdale can be confident that they're accessing the finest facilities available, tailored to their specific needs.

Additional Details

Welcome to The Lavatory, Scottsdale's go-to source for luxury bathroom rental and nice porta-potty options! We provide an extensive selection of high-quality and meticulously maintained restroom trailer rentals suited for any event or commercial need.

Whether you're planning a wedding, festival, concert, or sporting event in Scottsdale, our portable restroom trailer rentals deliver a comfortable and pristine bathroom experience for all your guests, no matter the event's scale. We cater to various occasions, including those requiring commercial-grade portable bathrooms for construction sites, oil and gas operations, or emergency response scenarios, ensuring superior restroom solutions every time.

Each restroom trailer is equipped with flushing toilets, hot and cold running water, air conditioning, heating, and adequate lighting, all designed for quick and easy transport. This allows you to focus on the details of your event or project without worrying about restroom logistics.

We are dedicated to outstanding customer service and satisfaction at The Lavatory Temporary & Luxury Restroom Trailers in Scottsdale. Our expert team is here to help you find the ideal restroom trailer rental for your needs and budget, providing swift and efficient delivery and setup.

We also prioritize accessibility and inclusivity. Many of our restroom trailers are ADA-compliant, featuring wider doors, spacious interiors, handrails, and appropriately lowered sinks and counters to accommodate guests with disabilities. We aim to ensure that every guest at your Scottsdale event or site has access to clean, comfortable, accessible restroom facilities.

Shower-Restroom-Trailer Combo

Restroom Trailer Rentals

If you're looking for a temporary mobile restroom trailer rental in Scottsdale, look no further! The Lavatory is your ideal choice for all your restroom trailer needs. We provide a diverse array of options tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you're organizing an event or need a toilet trailer solution for your commercial location, we're here to help. Don't hesitate—reach out to us now to discover more about what we can offer and to receive a personalized quote. We're excited to assist you!

More Information

  • Where can a restroom trailer be placed?
    The great thing about restroom trailers is that they are mobile and can be placed almost anywhere. There are a few things we want to avoid when placing, or parking a restroom trailer. First, restroom trailers are not allowed to be placed on public streets, alleys, or sidewalks without approval or permission from the local municipality or authority. Second, mobile bathroom trailers are very heavy, especially when the tank is full of water and/or waste. So we make sure the landing surface is either paved or compacted. If necessary, we can place blocks under each support leg to prevent ground sinking and/or damage to the surface. Third, the space where the restroom trailer is parked must be in space for our trucks to maneuver in-out and be accessible on both sides of the trailer. This is important because the backside of the unit is where the mechanical components are located. In the unlikely event of a water or power issue, our technicians must be able to access the service door. So parking up against a wall or a fence is okay as long as there is a greater 5-foot distance between the restroom trailer and fixed divider (wall or fence).
  • How much do portable restroom trailers cost?
    Just like anything most things, it depends. However, you should expect to pay $800-$8000 to rent a portable restroom trailer. On the lower end ($800) this would be for a single-day mid-week rental of a 2-station bathroom trailer. On the high end ($8000) would be a month-long commercial rental for a 9-station luxury restroom trailer. So it depends on the size of the trailer, the duration of the rental, and the season. Depending on whom you rent from their inventory will also be reflected in the price. The size of the trailer is the single largest factor in price. The larger the restroom trailer the higher the prices. And depending on how long the bathroom trailer rental will be needed (night, day, weekend, mid-week, week, or month) will influence the price. However, the longer you rent the portable restroom trailer the cheaper your average daily rate will be. Lastly, seasonality is something that can drive the cost of a restroom trailer rental. For those summer and winter months there aren’t many events, so companies will rent the restroom trailer out for less. But during those peak wedding season months of fall and spring, prices historically have surged and are known to double.
  • How do I keep my restroom rental maintained during an event?
    Luxury restroom trailers are simple to maintain and require little to no effort by those who rent a portable bathroom trailer. The three biggest things are: power, water, and supplies. The Lavatory luxury restroom trailers have air conditioning and heating units installed in them and require a dedicated 20 amp service. Typically a washing machine, home refrigerator, microwave, etc., are plugged into a 20A. They look like your standard 3-prong plug but one receptacle shaped like the letter “T.” Please work with your Lavatory luxury restroom trailer technician to find a dedicated 20A service. The trailer cannot be parked more than 100’ from where it’s plugged in. This will ensure that the heating/cooling and lights operate properly. Each portable restroom trailer can be connected to the city or local water with just your average ½” garden water hose. Similar to the power, this cannot be further than 100’ away from the restroom trailer. In the unlikely event it does, each trailer is equipped with a 200-gallon freshwater tank that can be filled on site. Lastly, keeping the luxury restroom trailer stocked with supplies is an absolute must. Each trailer is clean and fully stocked with supplies to accommodate single-day events. Additional supplies (toilet paper, towels, soap, etc.) can be found under the sink of both the men's and women’s stations.
  • What chemicals do you put in a portable toilet?
    The Lavatory luxury mobile restrooms use a sophisticated pump and filtration system similar to those found in airplanes. This means the use of chemicals is limited. The only thing that we put in our tanks is scent tablets to help eliminate odor. They are used also for RVs and marine use. They are safe for all septic tanks and completely biodegradable, the drop-ins are made with an ultra-concentrated formula that does not contain the toxic, formaldehyde-releasing ingredient bronopol. Other than that, we use basic household chemicals to clean and sanitize the restroom trailers. We use a variety of products including bleach, multiple-purpose cleaner, and glass cleaner. Our luxury portable restroom trailers have Meyers brand hand soap and Purely hand sanitizer. Lastly, for extra freshness, each bathroom trailer has an automatic air freshener that sprays a pleasant smell into the air every 15-30 minutes.
  • Can portable toilets be used in hot climates?
    It's much better and easier to have a portable restroom trailer than porta potties in hot climates. Each of The Lavatory luxury restroom trailers is equipped with an independent air conditioning system. The thermostat is located in the service room and is only accessible to our technicians. We do our best to keep the restroom trailer at a comfortable 68 degrees Fahrenheit. If you have a specific temperature request please let the technician know. Another thing to consider is the steps and handrails to get in and out of the trailer are also metal. When exposed to direct sunlight they can get very hot. So please be cautious when using the entry and exit hardware of a portable restroom trailer.
  • What are temporary restrooms for long-term rentals?
    Long-term portable restroom trailers have exclusive commercial pricing and specific requirements. Having a restroom available to your employees and customers is typically required by most local city, county, and state government regulations. In the unexpected event, something happens to your onsite facilities, a temporary restroom in the form of a portable bathroom trailer rental can immediately accommodate your needs and requirements. Repairing a commercial restroom can be time-consuming and frustrating ordinal. But renting a temporary restroom trailer for short-term or long-term periods doesn’t need to be. Depending on the number of employees or expected customer use, we can help you determine what size luxury portable restroom trailer will accommodate your needs. Once the site has been determined for the presented use cases, identifying the parking location onsite will be the next challenge. Typically for long-term restroom trailer rentals, we tap directly into the local sewage. Where onsite sewage is not available to the bathroom trailer, we will schedule a local third-party pump service. The schedule and number of pumping services necessary will be determined by the portable restroom trailer’s usage frequency. All associated pump servicing fees are passed directly onto the customer. Along with sewage, the restroom trailer will be connected to onsite water and power. These hookups cannot be further than 100’ from the trailer. The bathroom trailer does have locks for security purposes. However, our preference is that the restroom trailer is enclosed in an area that is fenced off from public access. When securely enclosing the luxury restroom trailer isn’t possible, onsite security may be required or other arrangements may need to be made.
  • What is included in your restroom trailer price?
    Customers just want to know what the bottom line price is. The Lavatory luxury mobile restrooms believe in offering flat rate no-nonsense pricing on all our portable bathroom trailers. The single price you’re quoted from The Lavatory is all you’ll ever pay for your restroom trailer rental. After providing the base rate, most of our competitors will add additional fees. Some of these fees can include taxes, sewage, sanitation, delivery, transportation, setup, administration, etc. All these fees can become exhausting and drive up the original base rate. The Lavatory includes all of this into a single, including taxes. Once the restroom trailer is delivered and set up, you’ll be completely stocked with paper products. This includes toilet paper and paper towels. Sanitation supplies, soap, and hand sanitizer will be topped off. Extra supplies can be found underneath each vanity on both the men's and women’s sides. Additional supplies may be found in the maintenance closet on the backside of the restroom trailer. The only exception here is for a long-term restroom trailer rental. Long-term is any temporary bathroom trailer rental lasting one week and longer.
  • Where will the luxury portable restrooms be set up?
    Deciding where to place the portable restroom trailer needs identified before delivery. Several things need to be considered before setting up. The primary thing to consider is where the bathroom trailer will be parked. Once the portable restroom trailer is placed it cannot be moved. The surface area needs to be flat, cemented, or impacted enough to hold up 25,000LBS. The ideal location for setup is patios and driveways. The secondary considerations are the distance from power and water. The mobile restroom trailer cannot be parked further than 100’ from the power and water sources. The trailer’s powered services need a dedicated 20 amp service to adequately power the onsite heating/cooling system and lighting. Anything further than a 100’ run will not provide enough electricity to adequately power the unit. The same applies to the water hookup, if the distance is more than 100’ from the restroom trailer there may not be enough water pressure to service the sinks and toilets. Lastly, and often overlooked is the placement for aesthetic purposes. The bathroom trailer is the last backdrop anyone would want in a photo or be something people have to walk by before getting food. Think about a place where a portable restroom trailer can be easily accessed, but out of the way from everything else that may be going on. No matter where you decide to park the luxury bathroom trailer, a truck needs to be able to get in and out when dropping it off then picking it up.
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