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Bathroom Rentals for Weddings


Planning a wedding comes with the unique responsibility of accommodating every guest you invite. This includes the plus ones and the extended family you hesitated to include. Everyone will have a basic bathroom need at one point or another. With the Lavatory on your side, you can meet this need for every bridal party with our unique selection of bathroom rentals for weddings. Our units feature all the modern amenities of a permanent facility, with the luxury of hooking up in remote and outdoor locations. Bringing your mountain escape wedding to life is a phone call away with our sanitation accommodations. They’re suitable for a wide range of settings and solutions.  

Our team works hard to ensure each luxury bathroom rental is complete with tastefully adorned amenities.

This means your wedding won’t have smelly porta-potties that lead to unsatisfactory guest experiences. As a bride or groom, you don’t want someone’s grandparent struggling to use or access a restroom. You also don’t want a guest who breastfeeds and needs a few minutes of privacy to end up in the porta-potty. You can mitigate these issues with our beautiful wedding bathroom rentals, fit for friends and family of all ages and demands. Inform our team up to three months in advance to ensure you can fulfill your wedding needs. Also, include a tentative guest count. We can fill wedding demands for small and intimate settings, large remote outdoor gatherings, or additional outdoor provisions for receptions. With access to running water and electricity, our team works seamlessly to set up and remove the restroom trailer. We can also stock each unit with the necessary paper goods. You're welcome to provide custom paper goods if you wish. 

Don't feel overwhelmed because of all there is to do for your big day. The Lavatory can help reduce the stress of finding a bathroom with our portable bathroom rentals for weddings. Connect with a member of our team to learn about our unit features and service areas. We look forward to celebrating your big day with you! 

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