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5 Reasons To Rent Restroom Trailers for Music Festivals

The anticipation leading up to a highly raved-about music festival is all consuming. Whether you’re planning, hosting, or attending the event, it’s a grand experience for everyone involved. However, these festivals require many small, perfectly blended components to offer a lifetime of memories and secure the next year’s attendance numbers. Here, we give you five of the best reasons to rent restroom trailers for a music festival so everyone’s satisfied in more ways than one.

5 Reasons To Rent Restroom Trailers for Music Festivals

Meet Everyone’s Personal Needs

People always need restroom access. Even if they use the restroom at home before they leave, once they arrive at the festival location, they’ll likely do their best to stay hydrated. These efforts will further require the need for a bathroom. Restroom trailers provide adequate space and accommodation for everyone to find relief, wash their hands, and get back to enjoying the anticipated entertainment.

Encourage Proper Sanitation

No event is safe without proper public sanitation. Using a porta potty only brings relief to the users but does not address handwashing demands or other personal hygiene habits. Full-size temporary restrooms offer fully functioning bathroom environments so attendees can follow proper sanitation measures and feel safe without the worry of spreading germs.

Accommodate Any Location

A lot of locations that house music festivals are perfect for multiple stages, a mass group of people, and camping if the festival permits. But most often, these locations are not compatible with permanent restroom facilities, and many festival hosts might pass on the perfect location because of this. This is a top reason to rent restroom trailers for music festivals because these trailers eliminate the problem of not having a permanent bathroom facility. With a restroom trailer, hosts can choose the perfect location and know that festivalgoers will have access to functioning facilities.

Adhere to Laws and Regulations

Large events that welcome the public come with laws and regulations regarding everyone’s health and safety. Hosts are at risk of hefty fines or possible shutdowns if they cannot abide by the regulations for large gatherings. You may need a permit to occupy a space, and the restroom accommodations will need to meet the attendance demands to be deemed functional. The laws and regulations vary by county and state, so visit your county’s website or office to learn more about your festival’s requirements.

Provide a Space for More Than Personal Relief

Personal relief may be the primary objective of portable restrooms, but festivalgoers might wish to freshen up, change their clothes, or take time away from all the chaos. Porta potties, given their small capacity, don’t meet these needs and preferences. Full-size, climate-controlled units eliminate this issue and offer users a unique experience that allows them to relax, meet their needs, and care for themselves properly.

The Lavatory AZ specializes in providing event hosts and planners with a unique selection of luxury portable bathrooms. Each unit is complete with climate control, upscale amenities, and adequate space to meet every need, big or small. Partner with us today to receive a quote for your music festival!


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