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What Events Benefit From Portable Restroom Trailers?

Planning an event includes a lot of detail and chaos. One area that stresses planners the most is how to accommodate guests with proper sanitation. How many restrooms are needed? Where will they go? Below, we discuss a few events that benefit from portable toilets and offer guidance around accommodations.

Outdoor Weddings and Receptions

Outdoor weddings and receptions are among the top events that benefit from portable restroom trailers. It’s not uncommon for outdoor weddings to be in locations without permanent facilities. Offering a restroom isn’t just necessary but also plays a role in overall guest satisfaction.

If you’re throwing a large reception post-ceremony, creating a fun, comfortable, and inviting space for everyone to let loose and celebrate accordingly is vital. Setting up portable restrooms is essential for guest comfort. Remember, these are your closest family and friends.

Construction Job Sites

Accommodating a construction job site with proper sanitation is a requirement for worker health and safety. Logistically, one toilet and one urinal is the baseline for up to 40 workers. But if you’re looking to reduce downtime and mitigate user stressors, investing in an additional restroom trailer rental can ensure all workers have the time and space needed to relieve themselves.

Working on a construction site is a rugged job that puts workers through the elements, whether in varied temperatures or unwavering precipitation. Offering comfortable restrooms can make a difference in overall production outcomes.

Large Outdoor Festivals

Large outdoor festivals can range in design and intent. They may center around food, music, art, and much more. These events benefit significantly from portable restroom trailers because a large number of guests come in and out of the festivals each day they go on. And without proper sanitation measures, the event and the host risk pubic citations and dissatisfaction from everyone in attendance.

If the attendance number is unknown when reserving the restrooms, using the prior years’ attendance number is a great place to start. When an event is happening for the first time, partnering with the rental company can help bring insight into what to expect based on the event type.

The Lavatory can meet and exceed all portable restroom demands for a wide range of events and spaces. We offer a variety of restroom trailer types to accommodate any number of guests. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can serve your event!


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