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Movie Scene Bathroom Disasters Saved by Luxury Mobile Restrooms

The trials and tribulations of the public restroom in our favorite movies

We have all felt the pain, discomfort, and anxiety of using the bathroom away from home. The world of public restrooms, porta johns, porta-potties, or the always classy communal troughs are personal hygiene disasters. That’s why Lavatory Arizona was born to give you a mobile luxury restroom with the bathroom comforts of home, even when you are out in public.

If only these movie characters had the good fortune of portable restroom trailers in their lives, much of their bathroom hardships could have been avoided.

#1 - Jurassic Park - Poorly Constructed Bathroom Stalls Spelled the End for this Lawyer

When lawyer, Donald Gennaro, arrives to inspect Jurassic Park, he had no idea the quality of construction for a remote bathroom facility was going to cost him his life. An escaped Tyrannosaurus Rex is searching for his next meal and the lawyer chooses to take safety in a crudely built bathroom. It did not take long for the T-Rex to poke his head in the front door and immediately, the temporary restroom fell apart down to the collapse of the stall.

Another victim of low quality public bathrooms Jurassic Park; Tyrannosaurus Rex eats man on toilet

We are not claiming the Lavatory AZ luxury mobile restroom trailers are indestructible or dinosaur resistant. However, we believe one of our 9-station luxury restroom trailers, with the ability to support up to 1,000 people for a 12-hour event, could have performed better. It is difficult for us to test the impact of dinosaurs specifically, but hey, at least our toilets are bolted to the trailer.

Unfortunately for the Jurassic Park lawyer, the theme park didn’t use Lavatory AZ and he became an immediate snack for a hungry dinosaur. If you are running a futuristic dinosaur theme park, do yourself a favor and don’t cheap out with porta potties or poorly constructed temporary restrooms rental trailers. Get a mobile luxury restroom trailer for a worthwhile guest experience.

#2 - American Pie - The Anxiety, Fear, and Embarrassment of Public Restroom

Steve Stifler, the Stiffmeister, exacts revenge for a past indiscretion using one of the deepest fears of the common man. The public restroom. Stiffmeister gives Paul Finch a laxative to help him overcome his germophobia and general fear of using school bathrooms. In pure desperation hunting for the nearest toilet, Finch is forced to use a school bathroom stall. Unsightly floors, no hope of facility cleanliness, and out-of-hygiene supplies.

Unfortunately, in his haste, he chose to use a stall in the lady’s room, which led to a dose of public humiliation. The last thing we need in the world of bathroom duties.

No one should bear the burden of unclean public restrooms. American Pie.

We are not saying mobile bathroom trailers solve unexpected laxative consumption. At the Lavatory AZ, we provide clean state-of-the-art portable restroom trailers, including 2-station private stalls, 5-station bathroom trailers, or 9-station bathroom trailers. When we deliver, they are fully stocked with supplies for a clean and comfortable bathroom experience. A mobile luxury restroom trailer at East Great Falls High would have undoubtedly helped Finch overcome his fears of using the school bathroom.

#3 - Austin Powers - The Risk of Public Restrooms Almost Claimed Another Victim

Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, needed to step away from the Blackjack table and had to follow Number Two to the casino restroom. It may have been a nice casino, but the public bathrooms were anything but nice. Do not let the facility attendant and fancy wall paper fool you, these public toilet stalls were not in a safe condition. While Austin sits down in the stall to use the facilities, a violent henchman enters the stall through a hidden wall panel. Before you know it, Mr. Powers is in a fight for his life in a cramped public toilet stall.

Luckily, Mr. Powers is a trained agent and survives. Although he never finds out who Number Two works for officially. At least he walks away relatively unscathed from yet another public bathroom incident.

Austin Powers fights off the hitman in the casino public bathroom stall.

At the Lavatory AZ, we cannot provide professional security from world-leading assassins employed by the real Number Two. We are confident in clean, well-stocked luxury restroom trailers with every delivery, though. Each of our portable bathroom trailers has no false walls, though, so anyone entering the stall is only coming through the front door. In addition to secure walls, you can expect AC, heating, stainless steel hardware, vanity mirrors, and interior and exterior lighting. If you need a luxury mobile restroom trailer without hidden walls and assassin access points, fill out a quote request here.

If your life feels like a movie and you need to avoid dinosaurs, manage your fear of public bathrooms, or dodge world-class assassins, then we are your portable bathroom trailer company. If you are like the rest of us regular people running a construction site, outdoor event, or busy venue, or you need additional bathroom capacity, then the Lavatory AZ can still help. We make it easy for a free quote if you can tell us the number of people, the date, and if you are serving alcohol. We will identify the best-size restroom trailer for your needs. Don’t worry about delivery, we take care of that too.


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