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A Guide to Wedding Restroom Rentals

Wedding Restroom Rentals

Why Do I Need To Rent Wedding Restrooms? 🚽

Outdoor weddings are an amazing occasion that celebrates the special joining of two people’s lives in marriage. Weddings are typically a source of high emotion for anyone involved and are often incredibly expensive. Worrying about the outdoor bathrooms shouldn't be a thing at your special event.

Some people have a small outdoor wedding. They only have a few people in the backyard for the exchange of rings. Or lots of people come to a wedding venue. Then there is that outdoor wedding in some cultures that last for many days. Thousands of people can come and a bathroom for an outdoor wedding is critical.

Size doesn't matter, you'll need a portable restroom trailer.

Providing portable restroom trailers to guests at your wedding is an important consideration. Whenever you’re organizing a wedding, whether it is large or small, it is always wise to plan for and rent portable bathrooms.

Hiring a temporary restroom trailer rental company can vastly improve the facility wait times at your wedding reception and enhance the experience by not being an unnecessary concern or hassle.

What's more, they come with a variety of options that let you customize them to meet your event needs. To ensure your wedding day runs smoothly, check out the restroom trailers at The Lavatory. We provide portable luxury mobile restrooms for outdoor weddings to service the large number of guests attending a ceremony. ❌ Never a porta-potty. If you're looking for porta potties you've come to the wrong place. We do luxury restroom trailers, only.

Outdoor Wedding Restroom Rental Experience

For small outdoor weddings, renting portable bathroom trailers gives your guests a place to use the restroom without affecting on-site facilities. This can become a consideration if the existing facilities are too full, closed, or an additional charge for using them (such as to staff a janitor).

Make sure and ask the venue about whether or not they offer discounts for weddings that involve portable bathroom rentals.

Note: They probably won't allow a wedding porta-potty, but a restroom trailer with all the amenities they definitely will.

Wedding venues often appreciate the use of portable restrooms, especially if alcohol is permitted at the event.

The consumption of alcohol increases the portable bathrooms use by 3x. With an open bar, the bathroom will get used even more. Make sure to have enough bathrooms and rent a luxury restroom trailer from The Lavatory for all those guest that can hold their liquor.

Outdoor weddings need portable restrooms to accommodate guests

Many weddings take place at venues in which the expected number of people will be greater than what the restrooms are constructed for. This can create an uncomfortable long line, unhealthy environment, and an unsightly scene at the event due to a lack of coordination; especially if you are planning a large wedding.

Don't be the butt of a joke and not have enough bathrooms at your wedding.

Providing additional toilets to all the people in the wedding party, as well as the supporting event staff, like your catering team, luxury mobile restroom trailer is often necessary.

In some cases, weddings are held in remote locations without nearby bathrooms. So the only solution is to rent a suitable bathroom trailer with the right amenities.

If the majority of your event will be outside, a portable restroom trailer is the best solution for bathroom needs.

How much are bathrooms for a wedding?

Luxury Bathroom for Wedding

Whether it’s at a large event or on someone’s property, renting a temporary mobile restroom is an affordable option to improving the guest experience during your wedding.

Luxury restrooms for a wedding cost more but are A 💩 ton better.

For a small wedding with 50-100 guests, you might need up to a two-station restroom trailer serving the needs of your evening. For a fancy portable bathroom trailer, renting this service typically costs between $500 and $1500.

Luxury restrooms with more stations are in higher demand but will cost you more. Expect to pay $1000 to $5000 depending on the duration of the event and the number of wedding guests.

A porta potty rental is a cheaper option. You get what you pay for though.

These prices include a clean-up service and removal of the restroom. Although it may seem expensive, any wedding-related expenditure will be but a drop in the bucket compared to what the average American spends on their wedding.

The Lavatory Luxury Mobile Restroom will be your best solution with a fixed flat fee with no hidden costs.

If you do want something cheap, porta-potties are a portable toilet option. Let's be honest, no one wants to use wedding porta potties for portable toilets. Again, if you're looking for a porta potty rental look elsewhere.

Renting Wedding Restrooms From The Lavatory

There are a lot of things that will affect the price that mobile luxury restroom rentals cost. To get the most accurate rental price, contact the experienced portable bathroom team at The Lavatory. We've been in the industry for years and can help you with all of your rental needs, at an affordable price.

Get no-nonsense flat price quote specific to your temporary restroom requirements.

Each restroom trailer comes fully stocked for guest comfort. They are eco-friendly with legitimate flushing toilets. We do all kinds of special events and always provide guests comfort when they have to do their business.

Many brides say The Lavatory restroom trailer is the perfect addition to your big day. Of course, they come with hot running water and hand sanitizer, our brides can decorate the trailers to provide their guests a great portable toilet experience.

Take the additional thinking about your special day and leave the restroom trailers to us. Just bring the hair spray and we'll take of your bathroom for outdoor wedding.

Congratulations on your recent life journey! We look forward to helping you welcome this new adventure with our wedding restroom services.


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